Our other passion is our dry-farmed, organic almond orchard.  Using no pesticides and only the water Mother Nature provides, these almonds are robust with a rich flavor and crisp texture.  Our almonds are raw and unpasteurized.  We  sell them unshelled or shelled.

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Paso Robles on California's gorgeous Central Coast is Capaldi Ranch.  Our orchard of over 900 almond trees dot the hillsides in all directions. We also raise and breed alpacas with a passion for excellence and emphasis on sustainability.  We call this "living in style with almonds and alpacas."  Enjoy it first hand through AirBnb.


We utilize about 80% of the alpaca fiber sheared off the animal each May. The finest fiber is handspun into yarn or processed into yarn at a local mill,  then knitted into scarves, hats and more.

The more coarse fiber is used for rug yarn, felted for shoe insoles, woven into seat cushions, or felted over our hand made olive oil soaps. 

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Come visit the ranch!  We love sharing what we know about alpacas and almonds. Stay at our AirBnb on the ranch!   


Alpacas at Capaldi Ranch began raising alpacas in 2008.  Our emphasis is on the breeding of the hightest quality alpacas for their exquisite fiber.  We raise both suri and huacaya, the two types of alpacas.